Our View

Jul 2014

Global M&A: a buyer's market?

With an imbalance between the number of buyers and sellers in North America, unit metrics are down and underlying valuations are falling.

We investigate the implications for the market, and whether this is being replicated across the rest of the world. 

Our unique valuation metrics enable consistent comparison of deal economics underpinned by our deep understanding of upstream assets and companies worldwide.

Jul 2014

Indonesia: Can new president revive its energy sector?

We assess the implications of Jokowi's future presidency on the country's oil and gas industries

Jul 2014

Energy view to 2030: The only long-term integrated outlook

Our forecast looks across fuels and sectors to provide an accurate view of evolving global energy trends

Jun 2014

Setting the record straight on US crude oil exports

NEWS: Amid speculation, we clarify that a new ruling upholds the definition of whatÂ’s exportable, bringing no policy change

Jun 2014

Unconventional exploration: important plays to watch

We share some significant developments from several of the latest intriguing, unconventional exploration plays