Our View

Jan 2015

Shale vs Big Exploration

Intense rivalry for resources between unconventional and conventional teams continues to fuel the debate over which opportunity type is superior.

In our latest white paper, our expert consultants review 300 shale and deepwater assets and demonstrate the importance of strategic rationale in the pursuit of new opportunities.

Jan 2015

Corporate challenges to watch in 2015

From collapsing oil prices to widespread cost-cutting, we assess the themes that will shape the upstream corporate landscape.

Jan 2015

Indonesia: Can tax change revive exploration investment?

We assess the government's decision to exempt upstream activities from the land and building tax

Jan 2015

Upstream spending spree to slow in North America

Using our North America Supply Chain Analysis Tool,our new upstream cost and spend resource, we assess this year's key trends

Jan 2015

When could low oil prices halt production?

As oil prices move ever lower, we use our Upstream Data Tool to assess the level at which production shut-ins could begin