Our View

Dec 2014

M&A at $60 - what happens next?

Collapsing oil prices are beginning to throttle the M&A market but uncertainty and corporate distress will also create opportunities.

Using our independent corporate data and analysis, we reveal our forecast for what 2015 has in store.

Dec 2014

Identifying 77 billion barrels of undiscovered resources

We use EV², our new exploration valuation tool, to assess 10 exciting exploration basins around the world

Dec 2014

Low oil price to shake up Asian LNG

Asian LNG will be affected by the drop in oil prices in a variety of ways – here we assess the future of the market

Dec 2014

Horizons 2015: What to look for in the year ahead

As a volatile 2014 winds to a close we draw on the knowledge and expertise of our senior analysis team to look ahead to 2015

Dec 2014

Winning strategies of the top unconventional explorers

We benchmark the performance of industry leaders and analyse what is driving their success