Our View

Mar 2015

Oil price: mapping the new landscape

INFOGRAPHIC: After the most dramatic drop in oil prices the world has seen in years, what does the future hold? 

We look at the drivers of the oil price drop, the implications on the road to recovery and the outlook ahead with significant downside risks.


Mar 2015

Indian coal demand growth overtakes China

We use our in-depth analysis of regional coal markets to assess India's evolving role on the world stage

Mar 2015

LNG spot prices - 12 month outlook

We launch our first regular short-term outlook and provide detailed supply, demand and price analysis for the year ahead

Feb 2015

Redefining Haynesville gas well economics

We analyse changing EURs and illustrate how evolving well designs are improving rates of return for steadfast operators

Feb 2015

Surviving low prices in Canada's oil sands

We model 32 commercial projects to evaluate how low oil prices will impact production from the region