Our View

Jul 2015

Pre-FID project deferrals: 20 billion boe & counting

The dramatic fall in oil prices and the subsequent dismantling of company budgets has, by mid-year, already resulted in over 45 project FID deferrals.

Leveraging our upstream expertise, we estimate 20 billion boe of reserves has been pushed back from a diverse range of projects creating a US$200 billion hole in the industry’s investment pipeline. 

Jul 2015

Operators rethink strategies in Gulf of Mexico

As Gulf operators search for onshore alternatives, companies that remain sharpen their focus

Jul 2015

Critical lessons for Mexico's future licensing phases

We review the first phase of Round One and discuss key observations the government should consider to ensure future success.

Jul 2015

Could the shale slowdown lift well productivity?

We illustrate how the current downturn could be setting a foundation for future tight oil metrics to outperform

Jul 2015

Middle East feeling the pinch as oil prices remain low

Leveraging our upstream and macroeconomic expertise, we explore the challenges of the region's resource-dependent economies