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Jul 2014

Mexico energy reform: Lifting barriers to a new market

The Mexican Congress has started the final approval of secondary legislation that sets guidelines for the energy sector.

We analyse the implications of ending the state's monopoly of oil, gas and power activities, opening up the sector to private investment from Mexican and foreign companies.

Jul 2014

The most commercially focused asset risk intelligence

Using our new Asset Risk Index Service, we identify the risks affecting oil and gas field development in Mexico and Argentina

Jul 2014

What's next for China's domestic coal markets?

Forecasting the short-term impact of chronic oversupply, slowing demand growth, pollution concerns and weak prices

Jul 2014

Majors: Can a value-over-volume strategy pay off?

We screen future capital expenditure and rank new projects by returns to assess future options to tighten capital discipline

Jul 2014

Inside Canada's next world-class play

The Duvernay is now projected to hold Cdn$24.6 billion in remaining value, according to our latest key play analysis