Our View

Mar 2015

How far could costs of exploration fall?

In the first of a new video series on exploration trends, Andrew Latham discusses cost deflation in the low oil price environment.

Lower costs will soften the blow of budget cuts across the industry - raising the question of whether strong explorers could achieve more with less. 

Mar 2015

The impact of shifting US crude export policy

We consider each side of the debate and examine how a potential change might impact export crude oil flows and differentials

Mar 2015

How will low oil prices impact North American assets?

We assess how current price conditions will affect breakeven levels for more than 800 company assets

Mar 2015

Tax cuts provide £13 billion boost to North Sea operators

We provide detailed analysis of the 2015 Budget and share our view on how it will impact company value

Mar 2015

Gas to threaten coal in Asia's power mix?

Volatile commodity prices have led us to rethink previous assumptions and consider whether gas may soon compete against coal